Why You Should Join Our Project Management Groups on Social Media


If you are about to read this post, there is every chance that you are either passionate about or interested in project management. So for you to connect with others who have same passion and/or interest with you, I have created project management groups on various social media platforms. But there are other good reasons why you should join these groups and here they are:

1. Networking: Joining our project management group on various social media networks will put you in touch with others in our profession. You can communicate, engage and get connected with other project managers in Nigeria and around the world. Our group is both Facebook and Google+.

2. News and Updates: You will be kept up-to-date on issues, trends and developments in project management happening around the world. We cover several industries and sectors in Nigeria where projects are being planned or executed, and project management is being practiced.

3. Personal Branding: Being active and posting thoughtful comments and contents on the group wall can earn you the status of being among the “thought leaders” in the project management industry.

4. Events Notification: You will be constantly informed on upcoming conferences, seminars and workshops on project management around the world.

5. Career Opportunities: Business owners, company directors, human resource managers and recruiters who are seeking for candidates to fill various project management positions, especially within Nigeria, are being asked to post their job listings on the group wall.

6. Ideas and Knowledge Sharing: Market your own knowledge and tap into the knowledge and experience of other project management professionals in our group.

7. Well-Managed Group: Irrelevant posts, comments and adverts are being deleted, and if such members continue with the act, they will be deleted or banned from the group.

Jerry Ihejirika is the Founder and Manager of the Project Management Nigeria group on Facebook and Google+. He is looking forward to building one of the most active project management groups on social media. The group’s Twitter handle is @Project_Nigeria.

Are you a member of the Project Management Nigeria? Which social media platform did you join us?

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