What is Your Job Search Strategy?


If you’re one of those Corps members who just passed out in Nigeria or if you’re a job seeker in any of the countries around the world, let me ask you, “What has been your job search strategy or what job search strategy are you planning to adopt?”

If you ask most job seekers what their job search strategy is, you will hear something like this: I will create a very good CV and submit it manually and online to various companies and recruiting agencies in the country. I will also upload it on some job seaload it on some job search networks. And some might add, I will tell my friends and family members that I’m now seeking for a job.

Isn’t that what most job seekers do most of the time? There’s nothing wrong with that strategy but have you considered the fact that it doesn’t showcase your personality and skills in a more practical way? Have you also considered the fact that a lot of recruiters and hiring managers are so much used to that strategy that they don’t value it that much, anymore?

The labour market is becoming more competitive, frustrating and difficult for job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers. Most of the job seekers are complaining of lack of good jobs and most of the recruiters and hiring managers are complaining of lack of employable job seekers. What do you think are the reasons for that?

Smart job seekers are now CREATIVE with their job search. They now adopt job search strategies that showcase their personalities, interests and skills in a more practical way, and recruiters and hiring managers have no option than to notice them. These smart job seekers also know that the best jobs are created or given out even before CVs are requested, and these jobs are either not announced or announced late in the media.

I was able to attract good job offers through my job search strategy
I was able to attract good job offers through my job search strategy

What is Your Job Search Strategy? 

I don’t know your job search strategy but I do know that a unique and winning job search strategy should…:

  • Allow you to showcase your personality, interests, skills, and talents in a more practical and attractive way
  • Allow you to strategically and virtually position yourself in front of recruiters and potential employers 24/7
  • Be able to allow you attract good job offers within a short period of time and without you submitting your CV to any company
  • Allow you to grow and strengthen your network because in your network is your job search net worth
  • Allow you understand what employers are looking for in a particular job position
  • Allow you to be creative with job search and productive during your job search period
  • Allow you to feel confident in your ability to succeed in the job market

If your job search strategy does not allow you to do all things listed above, then you need to tweak or change it. And if you do not know how to tweak it or create a good job search strategy, then you need to enroll for my FREE 8-day email course on: “How to Attract Good Job Offers Without Submitting Your CV To Any Company.” I will share with you a unique and proven job search strategy, tactics and techniques. Click here to enroll for the course!

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