There’s Nothing Wrong in Building Someone Else’s Dream – You Can Still Build Yours

Have you read any of those books or articles that say the only path to happiness or success is by working for yourself and being independent?

When I tell people that I am a budding entrepreneur who would love to help someone else achieve their dreams, they often look at me like someone who’s trying to break or violate an entrepreneurial code – the code of working only for yourself to be free and happy.

There are several ways to building a successful career and there’s no wrong way. There’s also nothing wrong with having multiple careers if it makes you happy and fulfilled.

I do not see anything wrong in being a model, a fashion blogger, a fashion designer working in someone else’s company and an entrepreneur.

How My Career Looks Like

I’m a multiple career person and I love the challenges.

Digital Media Agency: I am currently building a digital media agency that will offer first-class digital media services to my clients.

Project Management Career Clinic: I am currently building a professional career clinic that would help persons who are interested in project management to discover their career paths or get good jobs.

Aspiring Author: I’m a project management graduate and I know the challenges that most persons undergo in trying to define, plan, strategise or advance their project management careers. I’m writing a book titled, “The Golden Formula to Defining Your Project Management Career.” The book will help you discover your career path in the world of project management.

Volunteering: I love volunteering and I have discovered a lot concerning project management in Africa. I want to help create more awareness and promote project management, and also help raise the next generation of digitally-savvy project leaders in Africa through my Project Management for Africa Initiative.

I juggle all that with being a writer and a blogger. I’m also looking forward to being a part of someone else’s dream and helping the person achieve his or her dream.

I’m someone who loves being positively busy and doing things that will offer me a better and fulfilled life.

Do Not Limit Yourself and Your Capabilities

I have come in contact with great entrepreneurs who are building and managing their own businesses and are still working for others. They are exploring their passions and capabilities in whatever way they feel it is right.

You can build your dream career on a part-time basis and still be great at that dream job or work in that dream company on a full-time basis. You can absolutely combine both as long as it makes you happy.

Do not be deceived by persons, books or articles that tell you the only way to success and happiness is to work for yourself. You can still find success and happiness in working for others. Besides, it won’t be a bad idea to be an entrepreneur and an employee.

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  1. Xenel said:

    Very informative. Thank you.

    June 21, 2017

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