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Build your personal brand through blogging

There’s an increase in the number of profiles being created on a daily basis on various social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Students, job seekers, and professionals are now beginning to realise the importance of being active on some social networks.

However, some countries and companies do block or restrict access to social media sites. What does this mean for you? If you’re a job seeker, potential recruiters or hiring managers may not be able to access your social profiles, and if that is your only presence on the Internet, they won’t be able to find you at all....   Read the Full Article>>>

Social media is playing a critical role in terms of communication, collaboration and flow of information around the world. A lot of organizations, including those in Nigeria, are leveraging social media to connect with youths, entrepreneurs, project managers, business leaders, mentors, and various group of people for a common purpose. They are using social media for social good.

Social media was also greatly used in sensitizing Nigerians about the recent ebola virus outbreak which in turn helped in curbing and/or controlling the spread of the virus. And we encourage more persons and organizations to think of innovative ways of leveraging social media for social good in Nigeria and across the globe....   Read the Full Article>>>

Having the most beautiful website is no longer enough if you want your business to succeed on the Internet. To achieve success online, you need to complement your company’s website with a business blog. The blog can either be installed on your already existing website (eg: www.yourname.com/blog) or set up on a separate platform.

Why Can’t My Business Succeed Online Without a Blog?

In the past, you could create a simple website and stuff it with targeted keywords to gain high rankings on major search engines and suddenly start enjoying huge traffic of potential customers! However, that’s no longer the case due to these two major reasons:...   Read the Full Article>>>

Are you a Nigerian social media marketer? Have you ever thought about how you can make thousands and even millions from Nigeria's political industry?

We have created an active Project Management Nigeria group on Facebook for aspiring, novices and experienced project managers.

There has been a tremendous growth and an active awareness in the use of social media in Nigeria.

Now, what if there was a way to communicate, collaborate and engage with your project team and stakeholders from anywhere in the world and share your ideas and plans more faster and more efficiently than having to physically talk with them every time you wanted to get your message across? What if your message could get spread globally on a passive basis with or without your presence? Well, there is a way and Social Media is the solution.

Being someone who is passionate about project management, I am excited to see the social media evolve into a power tool that is creating a new and vibrant paradigm which is shaping the way we practice project management – creating real opportunities for communication, collaboration, engagement and improving productivity....   Read the Full Article>>>