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Who’s willing to collaborate with me on this project?

I am working on a plan to tour the universities and polytechnics offering a bachelor’s degree or HND in project management in Nigeria. One university or polytechnic at a time.

I want to share my wealth of knowledge and experience on how they can become the ULTIMATE project management graduates. If you have been following my personal blog — JerryIhejirika.com — or have been a member of my group on Facebook — Career Development and Project Management — for the past 3 years, then you would have some ideas on the kind of information I want to share with these students....   Read the Full Article>>>

Hello Jerry,

Please in our society and current economic situation, what is the best field/ sector to go into as a project manager in terms of job and financial security? Please Sir, I need a candid life changing advice. – Olatunji, PMT student at LASU

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Hello Olatunji,

First and foremost, there’s no best field, niche, industry or sector. Every niche, industry or sector has critical roles to play in the economy, and you can get a good job and make good money or build a successful career in any niche, industry or sector. There are also successful project managers in any niche, industry or sector you can think of now. So if I must say, the best industries or sectors for you are the ones you find most interesting....   Read the Full Article>>>

Hello Jerry,

Nigeria economy seems to have stereotype project managers to construction and engineering projects/sector. What chances or opportunity do I have if I intend to specialize in information technology, ICT? Or what other sector aside construction and engineering can I specialise in.

For the purpose of industrial training in 400 level, can you help with organisations that use project management skills and project managers, aside construction and engineering companies?

As regarding certification; I wish to have my certification on/before concluding my 400level, at least a Level D certification. I want you to counsel me on various levels of certification and different bodies awarding certificate, which one is globally recognized, and pocket friendly for student....   Read the Full Article>>>


If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management and you are about to read this article, then you should count yourself lucky as most project management graduates would have wished they read such article while still in school.

One of the major mistakes that most persons who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree do is to wait until they graduate before critically thinking or planning of how to start building their career, and project management degree students are no exemption....   Read the Full Article>>>

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The library, be it that of a school or community library, has a very important role to play in the development of project management education in Africa.

We all know the value of our libraries. For most students, it is their favourite place to read. The school library is also a great place where project management students can discover or learn new things about project management and leadership.

“The school library helped in leading me on the right path of acquiring project management knowledge on specific areas such as construction project management.” Bello-Ochende Victor, PMT Graduate, FUTMinna...   Read the Full Article>>>


There are an increasing number of persons now taking a project management degree course in other to pursue a professional career in project management. However, most of them find it very difficult and confusing to define their own career path and therefore get stuck in a career hole after they graduate.

The project management career path is not yet well defined or well structured like that of other old and existing professions such as medicine, law, architecture, engineering and pharmacy. Project management graduates around the world take different career routes from the entry-level to the mid-level and to the high-level job positions....   Read the Full Article>>>

Knowing the value that project management offers to both the private and public sectors of any economy, one cannot underestimate the importance of education in helping to produce qualified project management (PM) graduates who would help develop and continuously add those values to the economy of Nigeria.

Now, for our educational system to consistently produce those quality or qualified PM graduates, some few and necessary changes need to be done by the various project management departments in our universities and colleges. I’m not saying that the current system is not working, I’m just saying that more can still be done to perfect the system....   Read the Full Article>>>


This is the third interview of my new interview series titled “The Challenges of Project Management Students in Nigeria.”

In this third interview, I will be sharing with you some of the challenges of project management students in the Federal University of Technology Minna (FUTMinna), and my interviewee is a graduating student of Project Management Technology at the institution.

JERRY: Tell us about yourself.

VICTOR: Thank you very much for this opportunity. It is always a privilege to help spread the word about project management in Nigeria. I am Bello-Ochende Victor, a graduating student of Project Management Technology from the Federal University of Technology Minna. My interests are mostly in Entrepreneurial Technology, Information Technology Service management, Developmental Education and also an advocate of Disaster Risk Reduction....   Read the Full Article>>>


There are numerous challenges facing the project management student in Nigeria. So in this new interview series and to have a national view of some these challenges, I’ll be interviewing recent graduates of project management (PM) from different universities across the country such as FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri), FUT Minna, FUT Akure, Bellstech (Bells University of Technology), UNILAG (University of Lagos), UI (University of Ibadan) and Babcock University.

The topic of this interview series is “The Challenges of Project Management Students in Nigeria.”‎ The goal of this interview series is to help answer some of the most important questions I get from project management students, which are: What is project management as a course all about? Which challenges would I face as a student? Where can I get resources to learn more about project management?...   Read the Full Article>>>