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Most of us have one skill set or the other that we have learned or developed and are passionate about but because we have gotten that degree or certification in project management, we are now so much focused on getting that “project” management job that we have ignored our skills. Your project management degree or certification would help your resume pass the screening stage but it’s your skills that would most likely get you the job.

Project management is a broad and transferable skill. It’s a skill that can be blended (if you know how!) with almost every skills known to man. You do not need to be in a project-management-titled job before you can start practicing or applying your project management knowledge and skills....   Read the Full Article>>>


The project management profession is becoming more recognised and accepted, globally. This has also led to an increase in the number of persons seeking for job or career opportunities in the world of project management.

However, with the lack of job opportunities which is at a higher rate in developing economies, project management job seekers need to be creative and leverage the power of networking in their job search.

As a project management job seeker, I will share with you how you can leverage the power of networking to crack the job market and find your way on the inside track. Here are some strategies:...   Read the Full Article>>>

Certificated Illiterates

The Founder, Centre for Values in Leadership, Prof. Pat Utomi, while addressing an educational conference organised recently by the FlipLearnCon in Lagos, described most educated Nigerians as certificated illiterates.

The conference was aimed at improving learning in schools and teaching through technological devices, learning resources and training programmes.

Utomi said, “What we need are skills and one of those that have the skills don’t necessarily need certificate, even most foreign universities offer skilled courses without certificates.”...   Read the Full Article>>>

With the high rate of unemployment in the country, I wonder how many of our recent graduates in project management have landed their dream jobs. And now, my fellow Corps members (Batch C 2014) who passed out last week would be joining in this very long queue of job search in Nigeria.

It is now common knowledge that the first thing recruiters and employers do is to search for you on social media. So the best place to position yourself first is on social media. But, with the numerous profiles of job seekers online, how do you actually stand out from the social media crowd? The answer is through BLOGGING....   Read the Full Article>>>


As I write this article, the Batch C 2014 set of the compulsory NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) programme in Nigeria will be passing out today (15 October, 2015). And as a member of this set, I can at least imagine what would be going on through the minds of my fellow project management graduates as they receive their National Service Certificates.

Those of them who studied health or medical courses would be looking towards pursuing a successful career in the health sector. Those who studied law, would want to focus on the legal or political sector, but for those of us who studied project management, which sectors or industries should we search or focus on for project management job opportunities? The construction, telecommunication and energy sectors employ the highest number of project management practitioners in Nigeria....   Read the Full Article>>>

Many project management graduates take time to find their career path, and sometimes it is hard to work out what kind of job or career is right for you.