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Project Management Career Path

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in project management?

I have noticed that most persons who are either pursuing or have a bachelor’s degree in project management are confu or plan their project management careers. They follow the “popular” recommendations of getting a certification in project management without critically thinking how the certification would boost their careers.

In this article, I will show you – project management degree students and graduates – the golden formulas to defining your project management career....   Read the Full Article>>>


If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management and you are about to read this article, then you should count yourself lucky as most project management graduates would have wished they read such article while still in school.

One of the major mistakes that most persons who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree do is to wait until they graduate before critically thinking or planning of how to start building their career, and project management degree students are no exemption....   Read the Full Article>>>

In 2015, I interviewed three project management graduates from three different universities in Nigeria: FUTO, FUTA AND FUTMinna. Each of them shared with us the challenges they faced as project management students in Nigeria and solutions.

This year, I will continue the interview series with project management graduates from other institutions in Nigeria. I will also interview project management lecturers from those institutions in other to shed more light and offer solutions on some the challenges raised by the graduates....   Read the Full Article>>>


One of my articles titled “How Did The Project Management Profession Get Into This Mess?” which was published on The Girl’s Guide to PM Blog prompted some constructive debate. One of the comments got me to writing this article. It was posted by Dmitriy of Project Management Basics. He said, “For example, it is more appealing to get a degree in computer science and get a PM certificate in four days. And now you can qualify for a management position in Google or Apple. Not vice verse.”...   Read the Full Article>>>


There are an increasing number of persons now taking a project management degree course in other to pursue a professional career in project management. However, most of them find it very difficult and confusing to define their own career path and therefore get stuck in a career hole after they graduate.

The project management career path is not yet well defined or well structured like that of other old and existing professions such as medicine, law, architecture, engineering and pharmacy. Project management graduates around the world take different career routes from the entry-level to the mid-level and to the high-level job positions....   Read the Full Article>>>

In Nigeria, and in most other countries, there are legalised bodies set up to monitor and regulate the practices of some professions. It’s not easy for persons without a formal knowledge or training or registered licence to practise or break into those professions. In addition, these professions, when hiring persons for low-level or mid-level positions, tend to understand the value of persons with a Bachelor’s degree relating to that profession. Can we say the same of the project management profession? What percentage of organisations globally know that there are persons with Bachelor’s degree in Project Management?...   Read the Full Article>>>