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Project Management Career Path

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in project management?

I have noticed that most persons who are either pursuing or have a bachelor’s degree in project management are confu or plan their project management careers. They follow the “popular” recommendations of getting a certification in project management without critically thinking how the certification would boost their careers.

In this article, I will show you – project management degree students and graduates – the golden formulas to defining your project management career....   Read the Full Article>>>


One of my articles titled “How Did The Project Management Profession Get Into This Mess?” which was published on The Girl’s Guide to PM Blog prompted some constructive debate. One of the comments got me to writing this article. It was posted by Dmitriy of Project Management Basics. He said, “For example, it is more appealing to get a degree in computer science and get a PM certificate in four days. And now you can qualify for a management position in Google or Apple. Not vice verse.”...   Read the Full Article>>>

Are you a project management graduate, a certified project manager or a certified project management graduate? If you answered yes to any, let me ask you: “At what stage or on what grounds, criteria or achievements do you consider yourself as being a professional in the field of project management?”

The demand for project managers or persons with project management (PM) skills continue to rise year after year as more and more companies are increasingly believing in the value of project management. These companies are constantly seeking for people to fill in various level of PM positions, that is, from entry-level positions such project coordinators and project assistants to top-level positions such as project managers and project directors....   Read the Full Article>>>


It has come to my notice that most persons who are interested or are practising in the field of project management tend to confuse or interchange a project management training certificate with project management certification. They are not the same thing and all present and future project management practitioners should understand the difference. Also, most project management trainers, tutors and coach have been at fault at these as they have often failed to inform their trainees or students that what they would receive at the end of their training is a training certificate and NOT a certification....   Read the Full Article>>>

Getting a quality project management training in Nigeria can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of naira, depending on the training course you are applying for and the academy or training center offering it.

There are several project management certifications and most require you to write and pass its own professional examination before awarding a professional certification. Also, to stand a good chance of passing any of the professional examination, you need to do a proper self-study or seek for quality training on that particular certification. And most training comes at a price!...   Read the Full Article>>>

I have had some persons in Africa ask me about the value or importance of project management certifications and if such certifications can boost their project management career here in Africa as it does in other non-African countries. Whenever they post such questions to me, I always try my best to inform them of the benefits and importance of being a certified Project Manager. And to share more lights on the “Value of Project Management Certification in Africa,” I had to interview Taiwo Fadare....   Read the Full Article>>>