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Teacher: Kids, what would you like to be when you grow up?
1st Kid: I want to be a doctor like my dad when I grow up.
2nd Kid: I want to be a banker like my mum when I grow up.
3rd Kid: I want to be a lawyer like my uncle when I grow up.
4th Kid: I want be an engineer when I grow up.
20th and last kid: I want to be a soldier like my dad when I grow up.

How many of our African kids do you think¬†would say, “I want to be a project manager when I grow up?” Besides, what’s the possibility of our kids thinking or dreaming of becoming something they haven’t heard about?...   Read the Full Article>>>

With the high rate of unemployment in the country, I wonder how many of our recent graduates in project management have landed their dream jobs. And now, my fellow Corps members (Batch C 2014) who passed out last week would be joining in this very long queue of job search in Nigeria.

It is now common knowledge that the first thing recruiters and employers do is to search for you on social media. So the best place to position yourself first is on social media. But, with the numerous profiles of job seekers online, how do you actually stand out from the social media crowd? The answer is through BLOGGING....   Read the Full Article>>>

Many project management graduates take time to find their career path, and sometimes it is hard to work out what kind of job or career is right for you.