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Hello Jerry,

Nigeria economy seems to have stereotype project managers to construction and engineering projects/sector. What chances or opportunity do I have if I intend to specialize in information technology, ICT? Or what other sector aside construction and engineering can I specialise in.

For the purpose of industrial training in 400 level, can you help with organisations that use project management skills and project managers, aside construction and engineering companies?

As regarding certification; I wish to have my certification on/before concluding my 400level, at least a Level D certification. I want you to counsel me on various levels of certification and different bodies awarding certificate, which one is globally recognized, and pocket friendly for student....   Read the Full Article>>>

As a project management blogger who has not been active in the blogging community, I’ve been receiving direct messages from some of my fellow project management practitioners asking why I’ve stopped writing or contributing relevant articles on project management and some telling me they do miss my write ups, this is for you…   One of the main reasons why I stopped publishing articles on JerryIhejirika.com or on any other project management blog was because I needed to focus on my career change. And now that my startup is in beta, I want you to know that I would soon start publishing articles on how my project management skill is contributing a lot to my new career and startup. I would also share some articles on my entrepreneurial journey.  

One of the critical things that my new startup – JustPingUs.com.ng – does is task management for clients. You can’t be a good Task Manager without some project management skills, and you can’t be a good ...   Read the Full Article>>>

I posted this question on Quora – the knowledge-sharing platform where compelling questions are answered – and got some answers on the platform.

Here is the question: While pursuing your degree or certification in project management, were you taught how to discover, plan, and develop your project management career?

Here are the answers:

Answer by Randy Parson, Help others progress their current career or make that transition:

Developing your project management career is much like developing any other career, the information for success will be learned from networking and learning the unwritten rules of the game. Joining PMI and attending their events at local chapters would be a good start....   Read the Full Article>>>


There’s this wave of misconception that’s going on around town that if you have this or that certification, you are sure of getting a job. And a lot of persons, most especially new graduates and job seekers, have fallen victims to this misconception by spending their precious time, hard-earned money and energy in acquiring certificates that they do not know how or if it will boost their career or job search, and some more will still fall victims.

There is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and in some other countries. And a lot of job seekers are desperate to do whatever it takes to get a job. So, it makes it easier for these persons to convince them – the job seekers – that all they need to get a job fast is to get this or that certification. And when these job seekers get those certifications and do not still get a job after some period of time, they begin to label those certifications as bad and valueless....   Read the Full Article>>>


I will be speaking from a project management point of view but you can still learn some career tips that would help you in defining your own profession.

So, let me ask you, my dear project management student, “What do you want to do after you graduate?” Yes, I know you are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a certification in project management and would maybe like to practice project management after you graduate but, “What do you really want to do after you graduate?”...   Read the Full Article>>>

Project Management Career Path

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in project management?

I have noticed that most persons who are either pursuing or have a bachelor’s degree in project management are confu or plan their project management careers. They follow the “popular” recommendations of getting a certification in project management without critically thinking how the certification would boost their careers.

In this article, I will show you – project management degree students and graduates – the golden formulas to defining your project management career....   Read the Full Article>>>

Project Management Degree Students

I believe this is a question that is on the lips of most persons who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management. I have been there before so I know how it feels when you are confused as to how to define or plan your project management career as a (degree) student.

In 2008, when I gained admission to study Project Management Technology at FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri), I was so excited of not only overcoming the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination) stress but also overcoming the admission stress. JAMB really jammed me for some years, and anyone who has passed through that JAMB jamming experience knows how bad, frustrating, and insulting it is....   Read the Full Article>>>

Project Management Job

Most of us have one skill set or the other that we have learned or developed and are passionate about but because we have gotten that degree or certification in project management, we are now so much focused on getting that “project” management job that we have ignored our skills. Your project management degree or certification would help your resume pass the screening stage but it’s your skills that would most likely get you the job.

Project management is a broad and transferable skill. It’s a skill that can be blended (if you know how!) with almost every skills known to man. You do not need to be in a project-management-titled job before you can start practicing or applying your project management knowledge and skills....   Read the Full Article>>>


If you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management and you are about to read this article, then you should count yourself lucky as most project management graduates would have wished they read such article while still in school.

One of the major mistakes that most persons who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree do is to wait until they graduate before critically thinking or planning of how to start building their career, and project management degree students are no exemption....   Read the Full Article>>>


There are an increasing number of persons now taking a project management degree course in other to pursue a professional career in project management. However, most of them find it very difficult and confusing to define their own career path and therefore get stuck in a career hole after they graduate.

The project management career path is not yet well defined or well structured like that of other old and existing professions such as medicine, law, architecture, engineering and pharmacy. Project management graduates around the world take different career routes from the entry-level to the mid-level and to the high-level job positions....   Read the Full Article>>>