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Here is the 4th of my project management interview series on Twitter and it was on the case and importance of “Communication and Collaboration in Project Management.”

Communication and collaboration are two very critical factors that must be considered in any given project. So to explain their roles in project management, I had to interview Robert Kelly ( ).

Robert Kelly is the Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions.  He is also the Co-Founder and Host of weekly #PMChat, a global community of Project Manager’s that collaborate on leadership and project management best practices via Twitter....   Read the Full Article>>>

Now, what if there was a way to communicate, collaborate and engage with your project team and stakeholders from anywhere in the world and share your ideas and plans more faster and more efficiently than having to physically talk with them every time you wanted to get your message across? What if your message could get spread globally on a passive basis with or without your presence? Well, there is a way and Social Media is the solution.

Being someone who is passionate about project management, I am excited to see the social media evolve into a power tool that is creating a new and vibrant paradigm which is shaping the way we practice project management – creating real opportunities for communication, collaboration, engagement and improving productivity....   Read the Full Article>>>