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One of the most important things we do at JustPingUs is recruiting as many highly talented persons that we can find. It boosts our business, enables us to serve our clients better and efficiently, and helps the business grow....   Read the Full Article>>>

Back in the days, professional assistant service were reserved for the rich and busy professionals. They were the ones who could afford to hire a highly-rated Personal or Executive Assistant to perform certain professional services for them and also take care of their to-do lists. Now, that exclusive service has been made open by a startup that’s set to revolutionise the way people request for help or hire a personal assistant in Nigeria.

Meet JustPingUs, a new personal assistant and customer service startup that’s making it possible and easy for everyone to have their own personal or executive assistant in Nigeria, without actually hiring anyone....   Read the Full Article>>>

JustPingUs is a mobile personal assistant and customer services that was founded by Jerry Ihejirika. It was founded with the goal of making customer service more convenient, approachable and conversational through messaging.

As a user of JustPingUs, one gets to leverage a one-point access for majorly all queries, to a lot of companies and brands. And since messaging is currently the most used medium for communication on our phones, JustPingUs acts as a Personal Assistant to help you get your daily talks done through a chat-based module....   Read the Full Article>>>

We now live in a world where consumers demand immediate, real-time and prescriptive feedback or request for timely, convenient and conversational services. We are now in era where apps and bots are disrupting retail businesses.

The increasing need for on-demand and convenient services by consumers and the technological shift towards mobile web and app are part of the main reasons why we are experiencing a boom in the startup ecosystem. These startups are trying their possible best to make it easy, affordable and convenient for consumers to demand for services via their mobile phones. And almost every day, a new startup is launched in the ecosystem to solve a particular problem....   Read the Full Article>>>