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Who’s willing to collaborate with me on this project?

I am working on a plan to tour the universities and polytechnics offering a bachelor’s degree or HND in project management in Nigeria. One university or polytechnic at a time.

I want to share my wealth of knowledge and experience on how they can become the ULTIMATE project management graduates. If you have been following my personal blog — JerryIhejirika.com — or have been a member of my group on Facebook — Career Development and Project Management — for the past 3 years, then you would have some ideas on the kind of information I want to share with these students....   Read the Full Article>>>

Back in the days, professional assistant service were reserved for the rich and busy professionals. They were the ones who could afford to hire a highly-rated Personal or Executive Assistant to perform certain professional services for them and also take care of their to-do lists. Now, that exclusive service has been made open by a startup that’s set to revolutionise the way people request for help or hire a personal assistant in Nigeria.

Meet JustPingUs, a new personal assistant and customer service startup that’s making it possible and easy for everyone to have their own personal or executive assistant in Nigeria, without actually hiring anyone....   Read the Full Article>>>

President Muhammadu Buhari, in April 2015, outlined 10 development challenges as the mission of his presidency:

  1. General insecurity and insurgency that has caused extreme human hardship and destruction of lives, livelihoods that may take us over a decade to rebuild across most of North Eastern Nigeria and some parts of North Western Nigeria.
  2. Devastation and environmental degradation in the Niger Delta area which must be attended to.
  3. Decline in revenues due to fall in oil prices which pose a threat to government’s capacity to deliver on reconstruction of devastated areas and the new government development agenda.
  4. Endemic corruption which has crippled human and infrastructure development for decades.
  5. Unacceptably poor provision of power supply which has had a crippling effect on development of small businesses and indeed the wider economy.
  6. De-industrialisation for the past three decades leading to closure of many industries and migration of many to other African countries.
  7. Unacceptably high levels of unemployment and especially youth unemployment reaching over 40 per cent.
  8. High cost of governance that has been crowding out capital and human development.
  9. Erosion of public social services such as infrastructure, health and education.
  10. Lack of development in the agricultural and solid mineral sectors.

Each of these 10 developmental challenges is a major project of its own. Each require a program or portfolio manager (the ministers act in such capacity). There has to be an independent and professional structure or body that will efficiently and effectively integrate the different ministries of the nation to help tackle and manage these challenges even after the tenure of this current administration, based on a mapped-out long-term plan. To this effect, let us see how the UK are dealing with major project challenges....   Read the Full Article>>>

There has been a tremendous growth and an active awareness in the use of social media in Nigeria.


How much does Nigeria practices core project management?

Irrespective of the fact that the project management culture is still low in Nigeria, the discipline is surely gaining recognition as the government and companies in Nigeria are increasingly recognizing the value that project management offers.

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From Babaginda’s SAP, to Obasanjo’s NEEDS, to Yar’Adua’s Seven-Point Agenda, and now, Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda, the Nigerian landscape is well filled with uncompleted and abandoned projects worth trillions, and I mean trillions of Naira going down the drain.

It is no longer news that according to the Presidential Projects Assessment Committee (PPAC) set up by President Goodluck Jonathan to look into cases of abandoned Federal Government projects on submitting its report, identified 11,886 of such ongoing or abandoned Federal Government projects all over the country. The committee also estimated the abandoned projects to be worth over N7 trillion. If projects planned and abandoned by State Governments were to be added to this list, the figure would be considerably much higher. And given that there is an alarming rate of abandoned projects in the country every year, the recorded figures therefore represents an incomplete estimate. ...   Read the Full Article>>>