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From November 2016 to January 2017, I was busy executing a construction project at my village. When I came back to Lagos, I decided to seek for a digital marketing or digital project management role in any company that values social media, technology and project management.

However, I was more interested in startups because I wanted to gain some kind of experience in the startup ecosystem. I wanted to help a startup grow big through my blogging, social media marketing, online research, SEO, content writing and project management skills. I already knew within me that I would launch my own startup someday but I felt I needed some kind of practical experience in the ecosystem before thinking of creating mine....   Read the Full Article>>>


I stumbled across an article written by J.T. O’Donnell titled, “Meet the ‘Sophisticated Job Seeker’ Who’s Disrupting Recruiting.” I loved the article because most of what she said about “sophisticated” job seekers resonated with me and what I am teaching students and job seekers around the world through my online course.

In the article, here’s what J.T said about “sophisticated” job seekers: Often referred to as “passive candidates,” these individuals are currently employed and don’t visit job boards. Instead, they mimic the behavior of sophisticated consumers and approach their search for their next employer with extreme focus. The way they see it, they don’t want to work for you, they want to work with you. They believe they’re a business-of-one who has the right to find the right partner (a.k.a. ideal employer)....   Read the Full Article>>>


I want to quit because I’ve been so frustrated in searching for a good job. My head is banging, my body is stressed out, and my legs are weak. I want to quit because I wake up every morning before dawn and begin to wonder why I would have to pass through all these stress and frustrations just to get a job.

I want to quit because the labour market is so tough and highly competitive. It’s always highly competitive irrespective of the number of jobs being created. I graduated 2 years ago and ever since then, I’ve been creating, submitting and re-submitting my CVs without getting any job offers. I look at my CVs every blessed day trying to find at least one fault but I see nothing because I have good grades, needed skills, and well-written CVs....   Read the Full Article>>>


A blog is a great platform to showcase your personality, your skills, your interests, your talents, your knowledge and your experience. It helps people understand what motivates you, how you think, how you write, how you manage digital tasks, and how you handle praise and criticisms.

Blogging do sometimes lead to job offers. However, the probability of you getting a job offer through blogging depends on some certain factors which include:

Your Expertise

Aside from getting job offers on blogging positions because of your ability to create or manage a blog, most of the job offers you would probably get would relate to the expertise you are conveying through your blogging activities....   Read the Full Article>>>

Avoid the soon-to-be obsolete jobs
Avoid the soon-to-be obsolete jobs

Are you pursuing a degree or diploma in a profession that would soon be obsolete? Or are you seeking for or doing a job that would soon be obsolete?

I remembered during my university days when we were told that it was difficult for graduates to get good jobs in Nigeria and that it was very frustrating, too.

Although we knew the economic conditions of the country and have seen some of our seniors struggling to get good jobs after graduating, we haven’t really experienced it, first-hand. You know, there is a difference between hearing about something and experiencing it....   Read the Full Article>>>

Link up with those who have broken out of their uncertainty periods
Link up with those who have broken out of their uncertainty periods

Are you young, have the drive, determined but confused about your career? Are you finding it difficult to define your own career? Do you constantly worry if you will ever be “successful”?

Worry less because you are not in this alone.

One thing that’s common with us youth is the uncertainty surrounding our career and being clueless. We know we want to work or kick-start our career but we are confused as to what kind of job or career that should define our life. We are open to anything and everything as long as it can pay the bills....   Read the Full Article>>>

Jerry and Eric at a project management event in Lagos.
Jerry and Eric at a project management event in Lagos in 2013.

I was chatting with one of my very good friends yesterday. He was my course mate in the university and recently got a nice job in an IT firm as a Business Development Executive. I was so happy for him because the job market here in Nigeria is like a war zone. Congratulations, brother!

During the course of our discussions he asked me a question that prompted me to writing this article. He said it in Nigerian pidgin, “E be like u no de find work, abi?” (Translation in English: It seems you are not looking for a job, right?). Then he went on to say, in pidgin too, “Baba self-dependent. I de feel you oo.” (Translation in English: You are really depending on yourself. I like your style very much)....   Read the Full Article>>>


The project management profession is becoming more recognised and accepted, globally. This has also led to an increase in the number of persons seeking for job or career opportunities in the world of project management.

However, with the lack of job opportunities which is at a higher rate in developing economies, project management job seekers need to be creative and leverage the power of networking in their job search.

As a project management job seeker, I will share with you how you can leverage the power of networking to crack the job market and find your way on the inside track. Here are some strategies:...   Read the Full Article>>>

With the high rate of unemployment in the country, I wonder how many of our recent graduates in project management have landed their dream jobs. And now, my fellow Corps members (Batch C 2014) who passed out last week would be joining in this very long queue of job search in Nigeria.

It is now common knowledge that the first thing recruiters and employers do is to search for you on social media. So the best place to position yourself first is on social media. But, with the numerous profiles of job seekers online, how do you actually stand out from the social media crowd? The answer is through BLOGGING....   Read the Full Article>>>