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One of the most common complaints I have heard from most job seekers is many of them think they can’t land a great job because they don’t have enough experience. They focus so much or get scared of some job descriptions.

So many have avoided going for the good or better jobs because of their “lack of experience” or “lack of certification” excuse.

Are you one of such job seekers?

The truth is, with the right job search tactics you can beat their job descriptions and “shortcut” your way to a perfect job – even if you’re not so qualified for the job. And it’s one of the many job search tactics I teach my students in my Job Search Blueprint course. I have used the tactics in the past and know exactly how exactly it works. Some of my students are also currently using it and I will be sharing their success stories once it becomes available....   Read the Full Article>>>


I want to quit because I’ve been so frustrated in searching for a good job. My head is banging, my body is stressed out, and my legs are weak. I want to quit because I wake up every morning before dawn and begin to wonder why I would have to pass through all these stress and frustrations just to get a job.

I want to quit because the labour market is so tough and highly competitive. It’s always highly competitive irrespective of the number of jobs being created. I graduated 2 years ago and ever since then, I’ve been creating, submitting and re-submitting my CVs without getting any job offers. I look at my CVs every blessed day trying to find at least one fault but I see nothing because I have good grades, needed skills, and well-written CVs....   Read the Full Article>>>


John: Hello Sir, I’m seriously searching for a job. I’m a graduate with some project management skills and experiences. I’d also like to know if your company is currently employing or when they would be employing?

Hiring Manager: We’re currently not employing but there might be job openings soon. Please drop your CV in the CV box over there.

Most recruiters and hiring managers in countries like Nigeria are getting smarter and smarter because of the recession. They are now looking for candidates with creative ideas and mind sets who would hit the ground running. And creativity is not for the lazy-minded!...   Read the Full Article>>>


If you’re one of those Corps members who just passed out in Nigeria or if you’re a job seeker in any of the countries around the world, let me ask you, “What has been your job search strategy or what job search strategy are you planning to adopt?”

If you ask most job seekers what their job search strategy is, you will hear something like this: I will create a very good CV and submit it manually and online to various companies and recruiting agencies in the country. I will also upload it on some job seaload it on some job search networks. And some might add, I will tell my friends and family members that I’m now seeking for a job....   Read the Full Article>>>

Job Search Strategy

You graduated from the university, created a powerful CV, submitted it to various companies using both the online and traditional methods, waited for any of the companies to contact you or invite you for a job interview, and kept waiting, AND….nothing.

Then you created another powerful CV, submitted it to recruiters and hiring managers in different companies, they promised they would help you push your CV once there’s any vacancy or job opportunity, you called them once in a while to remind them, you waited patiently for any of them to contact you back, and you kept waiting, AND….nothing....   Read the Full Article>>>