In Nigeria, the educational system is so rigid and the economic system is so rugged that it is very difficult for most students (in post-secondary education) to combine full-time schooling with part-time business. (It’s easier for those schooling part-time.)

Most parents, having seen the education pattern and economic conditions of the country, won’t support or encourage their children to combine full-time schooling with business. And some students, even when presented with good business opportunities during vacation periods, would still hide under the umbrella of “I’m still a student” mentality and avoid doing the business....   Read the Full Article>>>


There are numerous challenges facing the project management student in Nigeria. So in this new interview series and to have a national view of some these challenges, I’ll be interviewing recent graduates of project management (PM) from different universities across the country such as FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri), FUT Minna, FUT Akure, Bellstech (Bells University of Technology), UNILAG (University of Lagos), UI (University of Ibadan) and Babcock University.

The topic of this interview series is “The Challenges of Project Management Students in Nigeria.”‎ The goal of this interview series is to help answer some of the most important questions I get from project management students, which are: What is project management as a course all about? Which challenges would I face as a student? Where can I get resources to learn more about project management?...   Read the Full Article>>>

Prof. Okechukwu Ukwuoma is the President of the African Project and Program Management Association (APPMA). Professor of Chemical Engineering and Project Management Technology, Ukwuoma was until recently the Head of Project Management Technology at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).

In this interview with EMEKA ANUFORO in Abuja, he speaks on an African wide Programme of Action on Project Governance, among others.

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