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Hello Jerry,

Please in our society and current economic situation, what is the best field/ sector to go into as a project manager in terms of job and financial security? Please Sir, I need a candid life changing advice. – Olatunji, PMT student at LASU

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Hello Olatunji,

First and foremost, there’s no best field, niche, industry or sector. Every niche, industry or sector has critical roles to play in the economy, and you can get a good job and make good money or build a successful career in any niche, industry or sector. There are also successful project managers in any niche, industry or sector you can think of now. So if I must say, the best industries or sectors for you are the ones you find most interesting....   Read the Full Article>>>

As a project management blogger who has not been active in the blogging community, I’ve been receiving direct messages from some of my fellow project management practitioners asking why I’ve stopped writing or contributing relevant articles on project management and some telling me they do miss my write ups, this is for you…   One of the main reasons why I stopped publishing articles on JerryIhejirika.com or on any other project management blog was because I needed to focus on my career change. And now that my startup is in beta, I want you to know that I would soon start publishing articles on how my project management skill is contributing a lot to my new career and startup. I would also share some articles on my entrepreneurial journey.  

One of the critical things that my new startup – JustPingUs.com.ng – does is task management for clients. You can’t be a good Task Manager without some project management skills, and you can’t be a good ...   Read the Full Article>>>

I posted this question on Quora – the knowledge-sharing platform where compelling questions are answered – and got some answers on the platform.

Here is the question: While pursuing your degree or certification in project management, were you taught how to discover, plan, and develop your project management career?

Here are the answers:

Answer by Randy Parson, Help others progress their current career or make that transition:

Developing your project management career is much like developing any other career, the information for success will be learned from networking and learning the unwritten rules of the game. Joining PMI and attending their events at local chapters would be a good start....   Read the Full Article>>>

project management career

Who says you can’t have a wonderful and successful career in the world of project management if you started your career path from the bachelor’s degree path?

First of all, let me talk about the two unique formulas I have created that can help you define, plan and develop your project management career. I know most of you would be wondering how I created my two unique formulas – The Golden Formula and the Career Path Formula. It’s simple: Knowledge + Experience + Research (organising surveys, asking questions, studying the profiles and careers of top project managers, conducting interviews, etc.) I discussed about the two formulas with my e-book subscribers....   Read the Full Article>>>

Are you a member of the ‘Project Management Nigeria’ group on Facebook? Something new is happening!

Two years ago, I created the ‘Project Management Nigeria’ group on Facebook with the aim of discussing projects in Nigeria and sharing ideas on project management. Now, I want to redefine the group and channel our focus to an important aspect of project management.

I have been monitoring contents that have been posted on the group wall and I do delete some contents to make the group more valuable to members. I have also noticed that the contents that dominate the group wall are those on trainings, certifications and skills building in project management....   Read the Full Article>>>

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  — Howard Thurman

There are things that makes you come alive. You might not have discovered them yet, but there are things that definitely makes you come alive.

Most often, we think that “making money” is what makes us come alive. Definitely, no one wants to live in this demanding world without having some money. However, have you ever asked yourself why the multi-millionaires, the billionaires and the very wealthy men of this world are still working? It’s because they are involved in things that makes them come alive. Things that give them fulfilment. And the more they keep getting better at doing some of those things, the more money keeps flowing....   Read the Full Article>>>


In Nigeria, the educational system is so rigid and the economic system is so rugged that it is very difficult for most students (in post-secondary education) to combine full-time schooling with part-time business. (It’s easier for those schooling part-time.)

Most parents, having seen the education pattern and economic conditions of the country, won’t support or encourage their children to combine full-time schooling with business. And some students, even when presented with good business opportunities during vacation periods, would still hide under the umbrella of “I’m still a student” mentality and avoid doing the business....   Read the Full Article>>>

There are several career paths that can lead to success.
There are several career paths that can lead to success.

Most professions, such as the medical, legal or engineering profession, have a normal career path. This career path is termed “normal,” not because it is the only right or successful career path to follow, but because it is the most popular career path for practitioners in those professions. Most of the young and aspiring practitioners in those professions are also looking forward to following that same “normal” career path.

In the project management profession, there is also a normal, popular or recognised career path. Most practitioners who are currently in the profession have followed that career path and it is the dominating career path....   Read the Full Article>>>

How often have you heard job seekers or persons who want to change career say, “I will accept any job that comes my way as long as the pay is good?”

It is no longer a sound advice to tell job seekers or persons who want to change career to “accept any job that comes their way.” It’s like you are indirectly telling them that having a job search strategy or career plan is irrelevant.

However, I am also not in support of you sitting at home and waiting for your dream job or dream company when there are some job or career opportunities knocking on your door....   Read the Full Article>>>

Project Management Degree Students

I believe this is a question that is on the lips of most persons who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management. I have been there before so I know how it feels when you are confused as to how to define or plan your project management career as a (degree) student.

In 2008, when I gained admission to study Project Management Technology at FUTO (Federal University of Technology Owerri), I was so excited of not only overcoming the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination) stress but also overcoming the admission stress. JAMB really jammed me for some years, and anyone who has passed through that JAMB jamming experience knows how bad, frustrating, and insulting it is....   Read the Full Article>>>