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Hello Jerry,

Please in our society and current economic situation, what is the best field/ sector to go into as a project manager in terms of job and financial security? Please Sir, I need a candid life changing advice. – Olatunji, PMT student at LASU

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Hello Olatunji,

First and foremost, there’s no best field, niche, industry or sector. Every niche, industry or sector has critical roles to play in the economy, and you can get a good job and make good money or build a successful career in any niche, industry or sector. There are also successful project managers in any niche, industry or sector you can think of now. So if I must say, the best industries or sectors for you are the ones you find most interesting....   Read the Full Article>>>


If you are a project management student and interested in pursuing a project management career, are you waiting until you reach your final year or until you graduate before defining your career? I have talked about how you can define and plan your project management career while in school. I have also talked deep on when you should start planning here.

If you are a student and want to have a better understanding of the project management profession, are you waiting for when you would be told not to rely solely on books recommended by your lecturers and department? I have discussed about the importance of reading books written by practising professionals. Read wide, read good books and develop yourself....   Read the Full Article>>>


I will be speaking from a project management point of view but you can still learn some career tips that would help you in defining your own profession.

So, let me ask you, my dear project management student, “What do you want to do after you graduate?” Yes, I know you are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and a certification in project management and would maybe like to practice project management after you graduate but, “What do you really want to do after you graduate?”...   Read the Full Article>>>