Social Project Management: Blending Social Media with Project Management


social pmSocial media is demanding a new project management paradigm. In fact, companies are already researching on how best to leverage social media to enhance communication, collaboration and boost productivity within their organizations.When it comes to blending social media with project management, I am a true fan. As a Project Manager and Social Media Strategist, I am so excited to see the social media phenomenon evolve beyond just updating your Facebook status, or tweeting about your favourite football club, or just pinning your favourite photo.

When you combine the awesome power of social media with project management, you can create a very powerful business system that offers your organization some simple, effective and engaging ways to communicate and collaborate better, share ideas faster and more efficiently, build an active virtual community, boost productivity, solve problems faster and have more fun.

Intentionally or not, a lot of Project Management Professionals (PMP) are already integrating the social media in their project management practices. Most have created accounts on various social networks, some have created groups and pages on some of these social networks, and some are already blogging their way to success. In fact, do a search on “project management” using any of the major search engines, and you will be amazed at the number of results that will show up.

Currently, there are a good number of social software applications (or social apps) available on the Internet which can typically handle the capturing, storing, analyzing and presentation of data, either in written, audio, or video format, and help enhance engagement among team members.

However, these social apps does not replace the foundation practices of project management but instead, offer new and exciting ways to create virtual communities where the team can share ideas around those very same practices and monitor all aspects of the project in real-time.

In that sense, project management and social media share a symbiotic relationship – individuals, companies and organizations are continuously searching for ways to leverage and tap into emerging Web 2.0 opportunities, to balance engagement and improve productivity.

The release of PMBOK 5 brings with it these process additions:
– Plan Stakeholder Management
– Control Stakeholders Engagement
These new additions are in response to market demand and the natural evolution of the Project Manager’s role in the globally. The more you engage with your stakeholders, the better the communication. And social media offers you good platforms to enhance achievements on these new processes.

Project Management Institute’s 2013 Pulse of the Profession in “The High Cost of Low Performance: The Essential Role of Communications” challenges organizations to balance better communication with risk management stating that effective communications to all stakeholders is a critical core competency.

PMI’s Pulse communications research finds that effective communications leads to more successful projects, allowing organizations to become high performers. The social media helps to enhance, rather than discard the traditional methods of engaging and communicating with your project teams. Aside from offering interesting insights and tools which you can leverage on, it also helps to increase productivity within your organization.

I am looking forward to more companies accepting this new social project management paradigm.

Have your team, stakeholders or organization embraced social project management?

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