Smart Job Seekers Promote Their CREATIVITIES And Not Their CVs


John: Hello Sir, I’m seriously searching for a job. I’m a graduate with some project management skills and experiences. I’d also like to know if your company is currently employing or when they would be employing?

Hiring Manager: We’re currently not employing but there might be job openings soon. Please drop your CV in the CV box over there.

Most recruiters and hiring managers in countries like Nigeria are getting smarter and smarter because of the recession. They are now looking for candidates with creative ideas and mind sets who would hit the ground running. And creativity is not for the lazy-minded!

If you’re a recent graduate in Nigeria and you’re seeking for a job, just imagine what would happen to your CV if you should walk into any of the companies that are currently suffering from this recession and drop your CV in their CV boxes? It would remain in there for an unknown period of time, end up in the dustbin or end up in the private room. It’s not because some of them are not hiring, but because the common or what I call the “submit-and-wait” method is the worst job search method you would use in this recession period. It’s unstructured, unorganised and not strategic.

The questions now are: How do these companies get to find those creative candidates? And how can I become a creative or smart job seeker?

Now, let me ask you, “Is there any company around the world that doesn’t need money or ideas?” Answer: None.

Next question, “How many of those your dream companies have you tried to sell your ideas to?” I mean, ideas that could help them minimise operations cost, or help them run their businesses better, or help them market their brands better, or help them make more money in this recession period, or help them leverage the power of the Internet. Yes, some might want to steal your ideas but you are the one looking for a good job. So move on to the next company and sell your ideas to them. If any of the companies buy your ideas, even if they do have a position for you, they would create one.

Let your research for a good job be based on what you can do for company. Promote your CREATIVITY and IDEAS and not your CV. Sell your ideas and not your certificates. Let your briefcase or folder contain good ideas written on paper and not photocopies of your CVs and certificates. Create a good job search strategy that would make companies request for your CV because of what you could offer, no matter how little it is.

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