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Who’s willing to collaborate with me on this project?

I am working on a plan to tour the universities and polytechnics offering a bachelor’s degree or HND in project management in Nigeria. One university or polytechnic at a time.

I want to share my wealth of knowledge and experience on how they can become the ULTIMATE project management graduates. If you have been following my personal blog — — or have been a member of my group on Facebook — Career Development and Project Management — for the past 3 years, then you would have some ideas on the kind of information I want to share with these students....   Read the Full Article>>>

Hello Jerry,

Please in our society and current economic situation, what is the best field/ sector to go into as a project manager in terms of job and financial security? Please Sir, I need a candid life changing advice. – Olatunji, PMT student at LASU

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Hello Olatunji,

First and foremost, there’s no best field, niche, industry or sector. Every niche, industry or sector has critical roles to play in the economy, and you can get a good job and make good money or build a successful career in any niche, industry or sector. There are also successful project managers in any niche, industry or sector you can think of now. So if I must say, the best industries or sectors for you are the ones you find most interesting....   Read the Full Article>>>

Hello Jerry,

Nigeria economy seems to have stereotype project managers to construction and engineering projects/sector. What chances or opportunity do I have if I intend to specialize in information technology, ICT? Or what other sector aside construction and engineering can I specialise in.

For the purpose of industrial training in 400 level, can you help with organisations that use project management skills and project managers, aside construction and engineering companies?

As regarding certification; I wish to have my certification on/before concluding my 400level, at least a Level D certification. I want you to counsel me on various levels of certification and different bodies awarding certificate, which one is globally recognized, and pocket friendly for student....   Read the Full Article>>>

Hello Jerry,   I want to go into automobile/aeronautics as a Project Manager or possibly, computer engineering. What would you suggest? This is sequel to the free consultation service. – Akintola, PMT student at FUTA   – – – – – – – – – – – –   Dear Akintola,   I am glad you are interested in the aviation and automobile industries.  

Automobile and aeronautical could be related but are definitely two different industries with their own challenges and opportunities, and you can definitely succeed in any of them. They both require high level of technical expertise and are both experiencing some form of technological advancements such as self-driving cars, hyperloop and reusable rockets....   Read the Full Article>>>

I will be offering a free consultation service for persons who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management at any university or college around the world. Inform your course mates or anyone you know who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management.

The consultation service will mostly focus on how you can start planning your project management career as a student, how you can start developing your entrepreneurship skills or entrepreneurial mindset as a student, how you can research and choose the project management certifications that would be right for your career before or after graduating, how you can become a digitally-savvy project manager, how to search for and choose the right mentor for your project management career and so much more. Just ask me any relevant or valuable question....   Read the Full Article>>>

As a project management blogger who has not been active in the blogging community, I’ve been receiving direct messages from some of my fellow project management practitioners asking why I’ve stopped writing or contributing relevant articles on project management and some telling me they do miss my write ups, this is for you…   One of the main reasons why I stopped publishing articles on or on any other project management blog was because I needed to focus on my career change. And now that my startup is in beta, I want you to know that I would soon start publishing articles on how my project management skill is contributing a lot to my new career and startup. I would also share some articles on my entrepreneurial journey.  

One of the critical things that my new startup – – does is task management for clients. You can’t be a good Task Manager without some project management skills, and you can’t be a good ...   Read the Full Article>>>

If you are creative and professional project manager and there is an additional valuable way for you to help more people and make more money, wouldn’t you do it?

If yes, would you like to know the way?

Online courses allow me to serve my audience globally, provide more income for my family, and give me the freedom to do what I want.

It’s not ALL about the money.

I create VALUABLE courses that help people become better project managers and entrepreneurs. erving others is my FIRST priority and it should be yours, too, if you really want to partner with meI derive joy in helping people become better at what they do....   Read the Full Article>>>

Before I was awarded my bachelor’s degree in project management technology in early 2014, I already had 10 years’ experience in my trading business. I was working in my dad’s import, export and general merchandising company – Ginax International Entreprises – and when I gained admission into the university, I combined my full-time schooling with the business.

During my final year in the university, I created my personal blog – – and started building a powerful digital resume and personal brand. I was also networking virtually with some of the very best in the project management landscape and learning from their blogs. And when I graduated, my digital resume and personal brand led me to receiving good job offers....   Read the Full Article>>>

project management career

Who says you can’t have a wonderful and successful career in the world of project management if you started your career path from the bachelor’s degree path?

First of all, let me talk about the two unique formulas I have created that can help you define, plan and develop your project management career. I know most of you would be wondering how I created my two unique formulas – The Golden Formula and the Career Path Formula. It’s simple: Knowledge + Experience + Research (organising surveys, asking questions, studying the profiles and careers of top project managers, conducting interviews, etc.) I discussed about the two formulas with my e-book subscribers....   Read the Full Article>>>

Leadership in Project Management

The project management profession is gaining more popularity (even though the awareness level is still low) in Africa as more persons and organisations are now beginning to see and understand the value of project management. We have also noticed an increase in the number of persons applying for a degree or certification in project management in Africa.

Africa is blessed with many young and aspiring project managers and project management professionals. However, even though more experienced project managers are still needed in the continent, we need to find a way of also raising more project leaders. This is because the continent is truly lacking project leaders and it is a big issue....   Read the Full Article>>>