Project Management is a Life Skill

As a project management blogger who has not been active in the blogging community, I’ve been receiving direct messages from some of my fellow project management practitioners asking why I’ve stopped writing or contributing relevant articles on project management and some telling me they do miss my write ups, this is for you…
One of the main reasons why I stopped publishing articles on or on any other project management blog was because I needed to focus on my career change. And now that my startup is in beta, I want you to know that I would soon start publishing articles on how my project management skill is contributing a lot to my new career and startup. I would also share some articles on my entrepreneurial journey.
One of the critical things that my new startup – – does is task management for clients. You can’t be a good Task Manager without some project management skills, and you can’t be a good Virtual Assistant without some task management skills. I would go into more details on that in some of my subsequent articles.
LESSONS: Project management is a life skill. Irrespective of your career or business, you would definitely need some project management skills to have a successful career or business, respectively. So, if you have some project management skills, then you should know that you have one of the critical life skills set.

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