No One Knows Your Dreams Better Than You


No matter how much you share your dreams with someone, no one knows your dreams better than you.

The world is full of dreamers. Your friends, family members, mentors and coaches have dreams. They have things that they are aspiring to accomplish or levels they are aspiring to reach. They also have persons whom they share their dreams with.

I am someone who believes in you sharing your dreams with some of your close friends or in shouting some of your dreams to the world. It is good to hear the opinions of some persons, most especially those you trust or respect, concerning your dreams.

However, while it is a good thing to share your dreams, you must never forget that you are your dreams manager because no one knows your dreams better than you. Take good note of the sensible and rational opinions from others – opinions that can positively impact your dreams.

If you are wondering how no one else could know your dreams better than you, here are a few reasons:

You Are The Original Dreamer

Every business or company that’s existing today was once a dream in someone else’s mind. You are seeing the business or company because the dreamer made his/her dreams a reality. What are your dreams? What are you aspiring to be? No one knows your dreams better than you. The dream chose you – it could have chosen someone else – so you are the original dreamer.

You Are The Only One Who Can Clearly See The Future Of Your Dreams

Meet two persons who are aspiring to be like Mark Zuckerberg, and you would notice that none of them see the future of Facebook clearly than Mark Zuckerberg. Why? This is because Mark sees Facebook from the angle of being the original dreamer while they see Facebook from the angle of persons who are interested in Facebook. The future of your dreams might not be clear to you at the early stage but sooner or later, it would become clearer to you than to anyone else. I’m sure some persons thought Mark Zuckerberg was just “dabbling” into things when he shared his Facebook dreams with them. As of the writing of this article, Mark is one of the youngest billionaires around the world. So, start building your dreams with the little you have because the more you build your dreams, the more it becomes clearer to you.

You are responsible for the outcome of your dreams

You are responsible for the success or failure of your dreams. The persons that you decide to share your dreams with and the choices that you would make concerning your dreams are all your responsibilities. And when you start sharing your dreams with some persons, do not worry much about their reactions or feedback. Sieve out the irrelevant contributions and channel your attention to those who are willing to help you make your dreams come true. It won’t be an easy journey but just keep on keeping on. It is your dreams.


You are your dream manager. Every other person who would help you in making your dreams come true are your team members. If you succeed in making your dreams come true, they would succeed with you. If you fail, you have failed them and your dreams would die.

I believe you can succeed in making your dreams come true.

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