Do You Believe in Sharing Your Dreams With the World?

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There’s a saying that goes thus: Do not tell the world your dream, show it. In as much as I find the statement quite interesting, I also think there’s something right and wrong about it.

It is right in the sense that most persons are not interested in listening to your dreams, so why tell them? They are only interested in seeing you making your dreams a reality, then they might care! Furthermore, some persons would steal your dreams if you tell them and use your dreams in achieving great success while you are still dreaming. So, it is sometimes better to show them than to tell them.

On the other end, it is wrong in the sense that…

  • How is anyone going to know what your dreams are if you don’t share them?
  • How is anyone going to help you make your dreams a reality if you lock them all up in your mind?
  • How determined will you be in making your dreams come true if you are the only one that knows about it?
  • How will you get to connect with that wonderful person who shares the same dreams with you and is willing to collaborate with you?

Everyone has a dream. Some dream big, some dream small, some just dream as long as it is worth dreaming for. Most do not like the idea of telling their dreams to the world due to some of the reasons mentioned above and due to other reasons that are best known to them.

I believe in sharing my dreams with the world. I believe in letting people know what I want to do because that’s how you get to connect with persons who would be interested in making your dreams happen. I sincerely believe that if you want to help people and make a difference in this world, you might as well learn to share your dreams around.

I have received both local and international help from telling people what I am working on.

In my experience, when you ask for help, there’s always at least one person who is willing to help you, no matter how little.

I also know that there are more persons out there who are looking for a chance to help you if you sincerely share your dreams with them. Go to them, meet them one-on-one and discuss your dreams with them or communicate it virtually.

PROOF: When I shared my dreams of establishing a Project Management for Africa Initiative, I received positive feedback from persons who were willing to help. When I also shared my dream of donating free books and educational materials on project management and leadership to some persons who are interested in project management in Africa through the initiative, some authors and interested persons volunteered and donated good books to the initiative. I am still building the initiative and still seeking for more support and donations.

There are persons in the world of project management who are good and are concerned about the level of practice of project management in Africa. I want to give them a chance to show their kindness and help develop the profession in Africa. That’s why I share my dreams with them.

I like to tell people what I am working on because it makes me more determined for success.

They say winners never quit and quitters never win. When I tell the world my dreams, it means I would be ashamed of quitting too soon and that makes me more determined to making the dreams come true.

It takes some guts to share your dreams to the world because everyone would be watching you. If you quit, they would know. If you make your dreams come true, they would also know.

I like to share my dreams with the world because I am the type who fails forward.

No one wants to fail but who goes through life with failing at some points? Everyone goes through ups and downs because it’s part of life’s lessons to us.

Sharing my dreams with the world and being determined to achieving success, doesn’t mean I haven’t failed in some of my past dreams. I would still fail at some point in the future but one thing is for sure, I would keep moving on. If you can learn from my failures and achieve success, I’ll be happy.

I like to share my dreams because it makes people who have the same dreams to want to connect with me.

There’s female project manager I respect a lot who once told me that it seems I tap into her dreams. She said that some of the things I’m currently doing (having a good project management blog and setting up a career clinic) were part of her dreams but she couldn’t do it because of some of commitments. Ever since then, I have been looking forward to working with her on some interesting projects.

So, what am I working on?

I’m working on a lot of things. I’m building a project management career clinic that would help persons who are interested in project management discover their career paths. I’m building a digital marketing agency that would help businesses and brands get found online.  I’m writing a book that would help the young and aspiring project managers to define, plan and advance their project management careers.

I want to turn into a global content platform that contains and shares ideas, insights and tips on project management, blogging, career development, digital marketing, personal growth, inspiration, digital media and my life stories. I also want to work in a company that excited about digital transformation and contribute my digital skills.

I am a dreamer who believes in sharing my dreams with the world and working hard and smart to making my dreams come true. What about you?


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