I Want to Quit Because Searching for a Job Has Frustrated My Life


I want to quit because I’ve been so frustrated in searching for a good job. My head is banging, my body is stressed out, and my legs are weak. I want to quit because I wake up every morning before dawn and begin to wonder why I would have to pass through all these stress and frustrations just to get a job.

I want to quit because the labour market is so tough and highly competitive. It’s always highly competitive irrespective of the number of jobs being created. I graduated 2 years ago and ever since then, I’ve been creating, submitting and re-submitting my CVs without getting any job offers. I look at my CVs every blessed day trying to find at least one fault but I see nothing because I have good grades, needed skills, and well-written CVs.

I want to quit because I stand a good chance of failing, every time I try to get a good job. Maybe I should just focus on the ordinary jobs no matter the amount being paid or work involved. And every time I try to build a good relationship with a recruiter or hiring manager, I’ve always failed and I don’t want to feel that again.

I want to quit because I know a lot of companies are sacking their workers due to the recession. How can any company recognise me when I know deep down that I’m neither a creative nor smart job seeker? I think I should just wait until after the recession before continuing my job hunt.

I want to quit because I hate putting in the time and effort that’s required to be a smart job seeker, and I’m okay with being a lazy-minded job seeker. I don’t even want to be creative, and I don’t want to build any type of job search strategy.

I want to quit because John was a better job seeker than me. He was able to use his creativity and confidence to attract good job offers and land a good job without even undergoing the walking-about stress that I’ve undergone just to submit my CVs. I want to quit because Danjuma is also smarter than me. He was able to land a good job because of some kind of ideas he was able to sell to the company. And it seems they both learned their job search strategies and tactics from one guy that calls himself Jerry Ihejirika. In fact, I’m not interested in learning anything because I am so frustrated already.

I so want to quit because I cannot be like John or Danjuma. And no matter how much I read articles that teaches job seekers how to be creative and smart, and how to create a good job search strategy, I’ll never reach their levels. I just have this lazy type of mind set.

I want to quit for the same reasons that made most job seekers to quit their job search. After all, we’re all struggling to get a good job in a labour market that doesn’t want to have pity on us or recognise our efforts.

But…I’m not really the quitting type. For the past 2 years, I’ve been trying my best to get a good job and I’ll keep trying. I didn’t quit for 5 years in school, going to classes, writing notes and assignments, attending practical and workshops, and writing tests and exams.

I didn’t quit when I failed my first course in the university. I didn’t quit when I was so broke in school that I would miss some serious lectures because of lack of transport fare.

I didn’t quit when I was insulted by some of my lecturers because I couldn’t afford to buy some of their textbooks, and I didn’t quit when I lost my girlfriend because I had no money to support her needs.

I didn’t quit during those tough times, and I won’t quit now, because I know I can still land my dream job. What I need to do now is to follow the footsteps of John and Danjuma, enroll for Jerry Ihejrirka’s online course for job seekers, and join the league of SMART job seekers around the world. If the course could help them get a good job within a short period of time, why not me? In fact, I’m already in love with the course and I’m willing to put in the effort required to make the course work for me.

Wanting to quit is okay. Wanting to walk away from your job search is okay. Feeling some form of frustration due to a stressful job search is also okay. It happens to most job seekers. However, the fact that you want to quit is a sign that you’re using a wrong job search strategy.

Quitting won’t solve your need for a good job. It might even make life worse for you. So instead of quitting, why not enrol for my FREE 8-Day Email Course and get your job search tactics back on the right track? Click here to enrol now!

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