How Does The JustPingUs Assistant Service Works?

JustPingUs is a mobile personal assistant and customer services that was founded by Jerry Ihejirika. It was founded with the goal of making customer service more convenient, approachable and conversational through messaging.

As a user of JustPingUs, one gets to leverage a one-point access for majorly all queries, to a lot of companies and brands. And since messaging is currently the most used medium for communication on our phones, JustPingUs acts as a Personal Assistant to help you get your daily talks done through a chat-based module.

Here’s how the JustPingUs assistant service works:

  1. User pings a request or query via WhatsApp (+234 701 156 6010) or Messenger, a Pinging Expert on the other side gets the user’s query
  2. JustPingUs is working hard to make sure that its Pinging Experts have immense knowledge about the given topics or categories of service. Each Pinging Expert would go through a complete training and there are also unique mechanisms at the backend to help the customers as well.
  3. If the query can be handled by the Pinging Expert (in most cases, it is), the chat ends when the user is happy and satisfied
  4. And if the query is beyond the reach of the Pinging Expert, then in such cases, the Pinging Expert reaches out to the concerned company or any company that offers a similar service/product that the user requested, on behalf of the user
  5. The Pinging Expert will set a call-back or complaint with the company with an estimate as to when the issue might be resolved, and would also keep the user in the loop.
  6. When the issue is resolved and the user is satisfied, the chat would be considered complete.

Other than company-specific queries, JustPingUs also offers other generalised services such as searching for the best hotel, troubleshooting of phone or computer, performing online research, buying movie tickets, booking of cab/keke/okada, reserving a table at a restaurant, searching for a co-working or co-living space, ordering and delivering of foods and drinks, booking of appointment with a specialist, and many more. We have a detailed and comprehensive list of startups and companies in Nigeria and the services/products they offer, and we’re continuously updating the list and adding more.

JustPingUs does not charge its users. It earns a small percentage of revenue from the transactions that happen. Why? The primary aim of launching the startup is not to sell the service but to give the service. Getting things or tasks done with a few minutes of chat is really a great idea and especially when we you need that human interaction.

If you need to get your daily tasks or to-do lists done, just ping us  – so long it’s legal and possible. And if you would like to partner with us as a service provider for our users/customers, click here to fill our partnership form.

Originally published on JustPingUs.

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  1. Jeric Danao said:

    I really appreciate posts like these for its informative side. Perhaps, in able for people to adjust and adapt to different environments when it comes to assistance, a co-working space would likely suit their interest. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing this.

    June 5, 2017

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