You Need to Constantly Develop Your Creativity

Have you ever wondered why entertainment programmes fetch more money and pay more to the organisers and participants than education programmes? Here’s partly why…

Education programmes (debates and quiz competitions) are more of intelligence and less of creativity. Entertainment programmes (Big Brother Nigeria) are more of creativity and less of intelligence. And creativity will always pay more than intelligence.

In fact, the biggest entrepreneurs and job creators around the world are more creative than intelligent. They build businesses to employ the intelligent job seekers.

Now, let’s connect this to our education system…

Have you ever been to a PTA meeting before? I attended one last month for my niece and during the testimonial time, what I heard most was, “… daughter or son is now intelligent because of…” None of the parents ever mentioned how creative their children are for attending the school and this is because creativity is not learnt in school.

I complained about how a child would stay in school from 8am-4pm (8 hours of schooling) and still come back home with assignments that could take 3 hours to finish and the response I got from teachers and parents are that it helps the child to be more “intelligent.” Of course, they are saying the truth but the fact is that most of those kids end up becoming intelligent job seekers who lack creativity.

If you look at our education system critically, you would see that it was designed to produce intelligent graduates. It wasn’t designed to produce creative graduates and that’s why 95% of our first-class graduates are job seekers. They are highly intelligent but not so creative.

People who are highly creative are the ones who would easily drop out of school and end up building big successful businesses, and they don’t care if the highly intelligent ones call them “illiterates” or “school drop-outs.” They have something that they are so proud of and that is lacking in most of the highly intelligent ones – CREATIVITY.

The great jobs of the future would be grabbed by those who are more creative while the highly intelligent but less creative ones would share what’s left.

Whether you are a secondary school or university student, a first-class or a third-class graduate, a job seeker or a job creator, self-employed person or a large business owner, an entrepreneur or an investor, a freelancer or a corporate person, make sure you CONSTANTLY DEVELOP YOUR CREATIVITY.

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