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Have you thought about leveraging on the power of networking to land your dream job? And one good thing about networking is that you can build a strong global network from scratch.

In 2013, during my final year in the university, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management technology at FUTO, I wasn’t known in the world of project management. My fellow project management students at FUTO and some lecturers were the ones who knew me at the time as regarding the project management profession. Fast forward it to today and I can confidently tell you that if you read any list containing the names of 50 persons who have been creating awareness and promoting project management in Africa within the past 3 years, I will definitely be included in that list. I’m not bragging but it’s a fact! My target is to be among the top-5 in the next 3 years. *smiles*...   Read the Full Article>>>


A blog is a great platform to showcase your personality, your skills, your interests, your talents, your knowledge and your experience. It helps people understand what motivates you, how you think, how you write, how you manage digital tasks, and how you handle praise and criticisms.

Blogging do sometimes lead to job offers. However, the probability of you getting a job offer through blogging depends on some certain factors which include:

Your Expertise

Aside from getting job offers on blogging positions because of your ability to create or manage a blog, most of the job offers you would probably get would relate to the expertise you are conveying through your blogging activities....   Read the Full Article>>>


Keep blogging even if no one is reading your blog, yet.

I might not be one of the top bloggers in Nigeria currently, but I highly respect the likes of Linda Ikeji of, Uche Eze of, Ademola Ogundele of, Chude Jideonwo of, Loy Okezie of, Bamidele Onibalusi of, Jide Ogunsanya of, Don Caprio of, Omobola Bolaji of, Dobby Okonkwo of, Japheth Omojuwa of, Noble Igwe of and Ikechi Awazie of as they have contributed in giving blogging a voice in Nigeria. They have also shown the world that you can be a successful blogger and make money from blogging in Nigeria....   Read the Full Article>>>

JI is both a writer and blogger

There is this misconception online that every blogger or anyone who owns or manages a blog is a writer. There are also persons who claim to be expert writers just because they own or manage a blog.

Writing and blogging are two different skills set. There are great bloggers who do not have good writing skills and there are professional writers who do not have good blogging skills. There are also big blogging platforms that are dominated by guest writers. The owner or managers of such blogging platforms focus on marketing and managing the blog and attract persons to write contents for the blog....   Read the Full Article>>>

There’s more to blogging than just blogging, and there’s more to a blogging career than just being a blogger.

Blogging has gone beyond just setting up a blog or using an existing blogging platform, writing and publishing anything that comes across your mind on it and then, promoting the blog’s contents on social media. Blogging is now serious business. It is now being pursued as a professional career. It is one of the few online money-making and personal branding opportunities that have stood the test of time, and the blogging world is growing bigger and getting more competitive....   Read the Full Article>>>


Do you blog just for fun, for business or both?

This is a question I have been asked on a few occasions by potential clients, recruiters and hiring managers. They want to know if I blog just for fun, for business or both.

In 2013, when I started, my original idea was to create a personal blog where I would share my knowledge, experiences, research and observations, and with special focus on project management.

However, the blog has grown to something bigger and I have moved from being a personal blogger to being both – a personal and a business blogger. The blog has grown wide to accommodating other core topics which include career development, blogging, digital marketing and social media. I’m also looking forward to adding a public speaking category when I start practising my public speaking skills....   Read the Full Article>>>

Avoid the soon-to-be obsolete jobs
Avoid the soon-to-be obsolete jobs

Are you pursuing a degree or diploma in a profession that would soon be obsolete? Or are you seeking for or doing a job that would soon be obsolete?

I remembered during my university days when we were told that it was difficult for graduates to get good jobs in Nigeria and that it was very frustrating, too.

Although we knew the economic conditions of the country and have seen some of our seniors struggling to get good jobs after graduating, we haven’t really experienced it, first-hand. You know, there is a difference between hearing about something and experiencing it....   Read the Full Article>>>

Blogging Crowd

Have you wondered what it takes to become a successful project management blogger? Subscribe to find out the secrets from my interviews with some of the top and most influential project management bloggers around the world.

Within the last ten years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of project management bloggers. Some of the bloggers have successfully created their own blogging voice in their respective industries while some are still struggling to make their voice heard....   Read the Full Article>>>

Project Management Job

Most of us have one skill set or the other that we have learned or developed and are passionate about but because we have gotten that degree or certification in project management, we are now so much focused on getting that “project” management job that we have ignored our skills. Your project management degree or certification would help your resume pass the screening stage but it’s your skills that would most likely get you the job.

Project management is a broad and transferable skill. It’s a skill that can be blended (if you know how!) with almost every skills known to man. You do not need to be in a project-management-titled job before you can start practicing or applying your project management knowledge and skills....   Read the Full Article>>>

Stop Blogging and Get a Job

Most bloggers, most especially those who do not have a job or are not yet making money from their blog, must have been told at one time or the other to stop wasting their precious time blogging and go get a good job.

Why is that?

There’s still this notion that the only way to look responsible or be respected in the society is to get a job. Our educational system is partly at fault for this. Students and graduates are encouraged more to get a job than to be creative.

In addition, most persons see bloggers as “noisy” persons who do not have an aim or purpose in life. This is due to the high rate of desperate bloggers who are very much willing to do “anything” to start making money from blogging. My advice to you, “If you are a desperate blogger who wants to start making money now, quit blogging and go get a job.” It will be better for your health....   Read the Full Article>>>