If you are pursuing or planning to pursue an undergraduate degree programme in project management in any of the universities or colleges around the world, then this article is for you…

One thing I have noticed with students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in project management is that they tend to be somehow confused on how to plan their project management careers. I know this from first-hand experience because I have passed through the system and have met with a lot of project management students and graduates.

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Before I was awarded my bachelor’s degree in project management technology in early 2014, I already had 10 years’ experience in my trading business. I was working in my dad’s import, export and general merchandising company – Ginax International Entreprises – and when I gained admission into the university, I combined my full-time schooling with the business.

During my final year in the university, I created my personal blog – – and started building a powerful digital resume and personal brand. I was also networking virtually with some of the very best in the project management landscape and learning from their blogs. And when I graduated, my digital resume and personal brand led me to receiving good job offers.

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Career Development Tips Project Management Tips

Build your personal brand through blogging

There’s an increase in the number of profiles being created on a daily basis on various social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Students, job seekers, and professionals are now beginning to realise the importance of being active on some social networks.

However, some countries and companies do block or restrict access to social media sites. What does this mean for you? If you’re a job seeker, potential recruiters or hiring managers may not be able to access your social profiles, and if that is your only presence on the Internet, they won’t be able to find you at all.

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Personal Branding Tips

Personal Branding Tips for Employees

Everyone has a personal brand. Whether you are an employee, an employer, or a self-employed person, you have a personal brand.

However, most employees think they do not need to build their personal brand because they are working for someone. But do you know that what your fellow colleagues are saying about you at work when you’re not in the room and the vibes you give out when you are around constitute your personal brand?

Developing your personal brand is critical for the advancement of your career. It will play in major role in your getting a promotion and how valuable you will become in your organisation.

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Personal Branding Tips

I posted this question on Quora – the knowledge-sharing platform where compelling questions are answered – and got some answers on the platform.

Here is the question: While pursuing your degree or certification in project management, were you taught how to discover, plan, and develop your project management career?

Here are the answers:

Answer by Randy Parson, Help others progress their current career or make that transition:

Developing your project management career is much like developing any other career, the information for success will be learned from networking and learning the unwritten rules of the game. Joining PMI and attending their events at local chapters would be a good start.

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Who says Nigerian projects are not being recognised globally?

You need to read this…

A project in Benin City, Edo State, is among the finalists in the Social Project of the Year Award category of the APM Project Management 2016 Awards. It succeeded to reach the finalist stage despite stiff competitions from social projects in the UK and around the world.

The project is: Charity Eye Camp, Benin City, Edo State Nigeria – Prime Opticals and Eye Clinic

I did some digging and found out that Mrs Ann Valentina Ideh, a renowned ophthalmologist in Edo State, is the proprietor of Prime Opticals and Eye Clinic in Benin City. Every year, Ideh offers on free eye treatment which includes surgery for indigent patients. I also heard that over 2,000 people have benefited from her charity project. They are on Twitter @prime_opticals.

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Project Management in Nigeria

project management career

Who says you can’t have a wonderful and successful career in the world of project management if you started your career path from the bachelor’s degree path?

First of all, let me talk about the two unique formulas I have created that can help you define, plan and develop your project management career. I know most of you would be wondering how I created my two unique formulas – The Golden Formula and the Career Path Formula. It’s simple: Knowledge + Experience + Research (organising surveys, asking questions, studying the profiles and careers of top project managers, conducting interviews, etc.) I discussed about the two formulas with my e-book subscribers.

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Career Development Tips Project Management Tips


…And I am still moving forward and gathering more momentum!

From starting the blog in August 2013 to celebrating its 3 years of existence in August 2016, my blogging journey on has been fun, challenging, educating, exciting…And I’m not finished yet!

There are a lot to learn; from writing to blogging, from SEO to data analytics, from social media to digital marketing, from project management to career management, from webinars to podcasting, from affiliate marketing to information marketing, from course creation to entrepreneurship…There are just a lot of things to learn if you are to survive in the blogosphere.

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Jerry's Musings

6 Steps to YOUR Career Development in Project Management

Do you have a degree or certification in project management but still confused about your project management career? Or do you want to change career into project management but confused as to how to go about it? I have a FREE e-book that will teach you how to discover, define, plan and advance your project management career, just keep reading…

You see, having a degree or certification in project management won’t define your project management career. After all, not everyone is interested in practising what they were taught in school. I was never thought about blogging, teaching, career coaching and digital marketing throughout my days in school but I have built one of the most popular blogs on project management in Africa, and I do teach and coach people who are interested in project management how they can discover, define, plan and advance their project management careers. This is because I have discovered what makes me come alive in the world of project management – and that is teaching and coaching people who are interested in the profession and helping them achieve success. If you are interested in pursuing a great career or getting your dream job in the world of project management, I am here to help you.

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Career Development Tips Project Management Tips


A blog is a great platform to showcase your personality, your skills, your interests, your talents, your knowledge and your experience. It helps people understand what motivates you, how you think, how you write, how you manage digital tasks, and how you handle praise and criticisms.

Blogging do sometimes lead to job offers. However, the probability of you getting a job offer through blogging depends on some certain factors which include:

Your Expertise

Aside from getting job offers on blogging positions because of your ability to create or manage a blog, most of the job offers you would probably get would relate to the expertise you are conveying through your blogging activities.

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